Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Carnival at the College

Jen & Mom just sitting in the shade & watching us in the sun. Making sure the kids are kept happy & entertained...

Cutler is such a weird kid!!!

Tayden just enjoying her cotton candy..

Cutler & Ryker loved the
barrel wagons!!

I think Ryker needs to go..

Ryker & Dan having their first snow cone. Wait!! This might be their 2nd or third. I don't know!!

Tayden did such a good job Rock Climbing!! She just kept trying to make it further & further to the top..

We are so glad that Jordan & Jamie came to the carnival!!

We went to the carnival at the Dixie College. They had some food & entertainment. The kids had lots of fun playing in the bounce houses, slides, rock climbing, & riding on the barrel train..I don't think we had enough snow cones & cotton candy..We didn't eat much food just alot of snow cones & cotton candy. Ryker kept ditching everyone & going to the bounce house. We would think we knew where he was & he would be on the slide or getting a snow cone. The kids had a blast!!! Thanks, Dad for the invite.. I can't wait until next year!!! I can't wait to stand around in the damn heat & watch how much fun the kids are having..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On Monday some of my family & some of Dan's came over to watch some fireworks. Every year we have family come over & have Root Beer Floats. We weren't home on Saturday the day they had fireworks in town. So when we got home we decided we better still keep to the tradition...

We decided since we were up there in Lehi. We decided to drive to the Hoagle Zoo. Ryker had never been there. We just thought it would be fun to go before a long boring drive home.. It was a really nice day! It wasn't to hot. It was a really cloudy day, so we could take the kids around to see all the animals w/ out sweating.. Ryker loved the monkeys they were his favorite.. He didn't really care for the really big animals.. He got excited for the chipmunks!! He thought it was really cool he got to see Alvin & the chipmunks.. The kids had alot of fun!!!

Hannah & Ashish & the kids didn't want us to leave.. They waved & cried to see us go.. We had so much fun hanging out w/ them.. Thank you for letting us stay w/ you guys. Oh! Thanks for feeding us well & taking us to the best fireworks ever!! Where it took us a hour to get out of that place!! Love you guys...

Gavin & Ryker playing w/ their new cousin Caleb( Grant & Sara's). We were so glad to see their family & meet the new little baby..Caleb is such a really cute baby!!!

Cutler had really fun playing w/ Oliver.. The kids had so much fun w/ their cousins this weekend..

I was laughing so hard on this ride cause before I went on it w/ Krew. He said I am so scared everytime I go on this ride I pee all the way down. I told him you better not cause it will be all over me. When the ride got done he said" You are so lucky!" I didn't pee on you I decided to hold it.. I love you, Krew!!! Cutler had so much fun playing w/ you all day..

The kids & I met up w/ my cousin Tiffany & her kids(Krew, Kwincee, Khloee). We had so much fun hanging out w/ them at Seven Peaks on Friday.. We love seeing these guys!! We always have fun w/ them.. We love you guys!!!

We also got to hang out w/ Sara & baby Caleb for alittle while. Hannah & Caden & Gavin came to Seven Peaks w/ us. We had so much fun w/ them.. Caden is such a brave kid! He hung out w/ Tayden going on rides w/ her.. Ryker didn't want to do anything. He just likes to walk around & drive me nuts!!! We had so much fun w/ these guys.. We love you guys!!!

We drove up to Spanish Fork w/ my parents to go & visit G-ma Orton. We stayed their a couple days. We had so fun seeing G-ma & spending time w/ her. I am so mad at myself I didn't get any pictures of her w/ the kids.. We decided to take the kids to the Living Aquarium. The kids had alot of fun seeing the different animals in the water.. Ryker really loved the penguins!! Cutler loved the sting rays!! He thought they were really cool!!! We had so much fun w/ my parents(G-pa & G-ma Judd).. Thank you so much for taking us up w/ you guys!!! We sure do love you lots!!!